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1-on-1 Tutoring

K - 3rd Grade

Customized sessions for kinesthetic learners. We will use movement-based strategies in the areas of reading, writing, or math to help students achieve growth.

Small-Group Tutoring

K - 3rd Grade

Phonics Secrets Revealed Level 1 - An introduction to phonics for K-1st grade students able to identify alphabets in random order. We will cover serval topics including; 

• vowels/consonants

• short/long vowels

• constant blends

• definition of a syllable

• syllable types (closed, open, v-e, vowel teams, r'controlled)

Phonics Secrets Revealed Level 2 - An advanced phonics session for 2nd-3rd graders seeking to improve reading and spelling skills. We will cover several topics including:

• syllable types (closed, open, v-e)

• vowel teams (ai, ee, ea, oa, oe)

• dipthongs (oy, oi, ou, ow, ew)

• R Controlled Vowels (ar, or, er, ir, ur)

• basic spelling rules (c/k/ck, ch/-tch, ei/ie, -ge/-dge, doubles rule for ff, ll, ss, zz)

Growing Writers - During this creative writing session, reluctant writers will receive fun tips to help get them excited to create a story. Our first meeting will focus on paragraph structure and each week we will learn new strategies to write a quality paragraph. Ideal for 2nd-3rd graders.

Everyday Math - This project-based session is ideal for 2nd-3rd grade learners who need to strengthen their understanding of basic arithmetic topics. Each session will have a theme to help students understand how math is indeed used every day. 

Young Voices - Build confidence speaking in front of a group during impromptu and prepared speeches. Students will also practice active listening skills to provide feedback to peers. Ideal for 2nd-4th graders. 

Homeschool Tutorial

K - 2nd Grade

Daytime tutoring sessions for homeschool families.


Morning Sessions:

  • Reading/Language Arts using Recipe for Reading, Secret Stories Phonics, Fix It Grammar, and other supplemental materials.

  • Math using Math Mammoth and other supplemental materials. 

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