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1-on-1 Tutoring

K - 3rd Grade

Customized sessions for kinesthetic learners. We will use movement-based strategies in the areas of reading, writing, or math to help students achieve growth.

Small-Group Tutoring

K - 4th Grade

Summer Reading

This sessions will combine two effective learning strategies: Orton Gillingham and project-based learning. The Orton Gillingham method is a multi-sensory and prescriptive approach to teaching literacy. Project-based learning, on the other hand, is a technique in which students work on projects or activities that are connected to the real-world.


This summer students will be learning while engaging in hands-on activities inspired by a slime theme. The focus will be on reading, comprehension, spelling, and writing skills. By combining both strategies, students will be encouraged to think critically and creatively while building on foundational skills. Yes, we will make slime during the last week of our summer session. 


1st - 2nd Grade Assigned Reading: Icky, Sticky Slime! (Super Gross) by Ximena Hastings


3rd - 4th Grade Assigned Reading: How to Win a Slime War by Mae Respicio


Summer Math 1st - 2nd Grade

This learning session will have your students rocketing toward mathematical understanding during an out of this world space adventure! The project-based learning activities put students in command as they are actively engaged in practicing real-world-based math skills to evaluate a space camp, dissect planetary data, record rocket launch data, and pick the perfect flight crew. Students will have so much fun preparing for launch, they won't realize they are practicing valuable math skills. The students will also build and launch a mini rocket during the last week of the summer session. Students will practice a range of math skills, including:


  • Place Value

  • Even & odd numbers

  • Rounding to the nearest million

  • Addition & Subtraction up to 7 digits

  • Expanded form & word form of numbers

  • Measurement

  • Solving word problems

  • Interpreting charts & data




Summer Math 3rd - 4th Grade

Instead of dull worksheets, during this summer session your students will sharpen their mathematical skills while designing a video game truck. They will calculate expenses and profits for their business and end the summer session by building a 3D model game truck. Students will practice a range of math skills, including:


  • Memorizing multiplication facts

  • Multiplication of multi-digit numbers by 1 digit

  • Multiplication of 2 digit by 2 digit numbers

  • Division of 3 and 4 digit numbers by 1 digit

  • Division of 3 digit numbers by 2 digit

  • Multi-digit addition

Homeschool Tutorial

K - 2nd Grade

Daytime tutoring sessions for homeschool families.


Morning Sessions:

  • Reading/Language Arts using Recipe for Reading, Secret Stories Phonics, Fix It Grammar, and other supplemental materials.

  • Math using Math with Confidence Curriculum  and other supplemental materials. 

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